Tiny Toes Project 2019 Toy Drive

As the Summer season draws to a close, it is a gentle reminder of where we were just two short years ago with our own baby entering the world and becoming a part of our own special family. I've spent most of my life inside of a hospital setting whether it be for my own illness or our time in the NICU. This year at Tiny Toes, I would love to be able to provide other children the chance to do what they do best.. play and create.

I am teaming up with the hospital I grew up in (UNMC) and with the help of their Child Life Department have created a registry/wish list of newly packaged items. Carefully selected registry items aim to improve joy and promote creativity in kids and teens whose lives have been affected by illness and trauma. Your donation will also help provide small gifts to those who are unable to go home for the holidays whether it be for Birthdays, Christmas, etc.. As an added bonus, don't forget to use Amazon Smile to help support the charity of your choice - mine is currently The Preemie Project, INC.

I believe that here at Tiny Toes, Small Steps = Big Dreams. Although it may be difficult to give in hard times, it's better to give something than to give nothing. By the act of giving we can not only help others, but it gives us a bigger sense of purpose, hope, and happiness. Together we can accomplish great things. I hope you'll join me this holiday season in supporting our families and making tiny dreams come true. Tap the picture to get started.


Tiny Toes Co-Founder and President