Welcome to Tiny Toes Project. Tiny Toes was formed after my boyfriend and I found out we were expecting our little boy. He was born early at 31 weeks and 2 days, after an attempt to stop labor around 26 weeks. My favourite part of being pregnant was shopping for our baby boy and feeling his little kicks. After watching other families struggle, and realizing our own struggles, I have decided I want to help other families and children with similar experiences.

The mission of Tiny Toes Project is to aid in a variety of small projects to benefit families and kids with disabilities and illnesses, as well as preemies. Tiny Toes Project will do this as a solo venture, but is focused on simultaneously benefiting other charities mentioned below.


Our current project is making NICU bags for families that consist of books, blankets, onesies, socks, pacifiers and other items for NICU families in need. There are also special comfort items for parents experiencing the loss of a child. You can purchase a "surprise" box for a unisex/boy/girl to support this project on our website, or you can contribute by purchasing brand-new, hand-picked items from the registry/wish list. I encourage donors to utilize Amazon Smile while making their purchases to additionally support a charity of their choice, mine is The Preemie Project.

Our first project ever was a Toy Drive in Winter of 2019. There were about two dozen items donated to UNMC's Child Life program as a result, directly benefiting several children. Though, the toy drive is available all year long to assist in gifting presents for those going through tough operations or celebrating birthdays/holidays in the hospital. Because of the strict hospital regulations, there is a specific list of guidelines, so I have compiled a registry/wish list based on those recommendations. Donate here.

An ongoing project is a fundraiser in memory of my friend Bianca for Musician's On Call with Crowdrise. Donations to Crowdrise directly assist Musician's On Call which helps get music and musicians into hospital rooms, as well as equipment, to lift patients' spirits and give them something to look forward to during an otherwise difficult time. Music is the way that Bianca and I connected and I know she would be so happy to know other kids could have the same opportunity she had, as her dream was to be a child life specialist.  

In addition to supporting Musician's On Call, my hope is to provide grief and trauma resources for families who need help and eventually I am hoping to be able to fund grants or scholarships through the Support Dreams Fund for kids and adults whose lives have been affected by illness and overcoming severe obstacles. I'd like for Tiny Toes Project to eventually be its own non-profit when I am post-transplant and able to work, but for now this is what I am able to do with it and I'm excited to be able to do it.

Aiden - The inspiration of Tiny Toes Project

I'm currently in the process of needing a double lung transplant but I figured I could build up the website and put some effort into creating a solid business model and promoting small sales to aid in supporting our mission to help families and children.

An additional way to support Tiny Toes Project if you're interested is by purchasing hand picked items from our Store.

Thank You!